Community Education aka Marketing Your Practice

Still not marketing your practice? You already have ‘plenty’ of patients? I just saw that NECO is graduating 135 new graduates this May.  That’s one school.  Where will all of these graduates go?  There is no shortage of OD’s (and in my opinion, way too many practices to serve our population) and all this leads to increased competition.

Was last year’s business better than previous years?  Are you working longer hours than ever before?

Marketing your practice, or better yet, educating your community about the value of eye care and the range of service available will make you a strong doctor, your practice more viable in the years to come, attract more associate OD’s and when you are ready to sell, provide you with a handsome return on your hard earned time and effort. Marketing.

We have written a 60 page ebook available for free download.  This is not for the faint of heart as there are hundreds of ideas to fit every level of storytelling.  Take two, or three or ten.  Implement these ideas and watch people walk into your store who you have never met before. Be deliberate and steadfast with your marketing as great marketing starts with repetition. Check out our Strategic Marketing Guide and if you get motivated, call us.