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Michael Pote has been a change agent within healthcare for over 25 years. Having held senior positions with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), HealthStream (HSTM), Initia, APOS Therapy, USAI and EyeCarePro, he thrives on accomplishing those ‘more difficult’ challenges. In 2013, he founded the Energeyes Association for Corporate Affiliated Optometrists. He is a special education teacher by training and spends his free time in his hillside garden, with his beautiful wife, or on a bicycle with his five-year-old son. He is the proud father of three men.

Steven Alexander serves as a Growth Cooperative leader and a consultant to our participating practices. Steve’s depth of knowledge and keen eye for opportunity coupled with a steady calming demeanor gives everyone the means to accomplish their goals. Steve is also the architect of so much of The Growth Cooperative programs and our frame board management program. Steve has been in the eye care space for more than half of his life and has enjoyed every minute of it.  He is driven by the concept of kaizen, or continual improvement, both in the workplace and at home. When not at work, Steve enjoys board games, trivia, and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

Shelia Chappell is one of the top behavior-change trainers in the country and is masterful in her ability to move doctors and staff through very challenging and needed process changes in the office. Don’t be fooled by that sugary southern drawl, Shelia means business and will bring success to your group… or else. Shelia has been in the healthcare industry (living in Nashville which is the healthcare mecca of USA) for 25 years.  Education and training is her passion and she has found her passion in working behind the scenes with doctors and their staff to set, measure and achieve goals.  Her nieces and nephew keep her busy. She enjoys cooking, reading and SEC football (her blood runs orange) and of course, the Tennessee Titans.

Gabriel Envani is a Practice Analyst at The Growth Cooperative assisting optometrists and ophthalmologist in getting the best price for their practices playing a key role in the areas of due diligence and practice valuation. As the son of an optometrist, Gabe is no stranger to the practice of optometry. He may be young (we asked him not to shave for weeks for this photo), but don’t count him out. Gabriel’s background in accounting combined with his sharp intuition makes him an effective team player that adds value across all of our work at The Growth Cooperative. His positive and pleasant demeanor is contagious, motivating others and leaving them with a smile on their face. Gabriel resides in the heart of Texas, in the greater Dallas area. You can always catch him in his cowboy boots, or on the weekends in his garage working on his 1976 Corvette.


The Growth Cooperative enters it’s second year providing a new way of doing business for eye care providers. Our services and programs get to the heart of the issues holding back progress within our practices. We are focused on the success of our doctors. Our programs include:

  • Support for New Graduates. The future of the eye care industry resides with those optometrists coming into the market right now.  Our industry has changed and continues to evolve. This is not place to go it alone. We are hear to help and have a no cost, unlimited benefits program to help new practitioners succeed early.
  • Selling Your Practice. On the opposite end of the spectrum from our newly minted doctors are those who have built and created quality eye care delivery systems in their communities.  What’s your next opportunity? If you are at that point in your career where travel, opening up a restaurant, spending more time with grand kids starts to look a lot more appealing that full-time practice, we can help. The Growth Cooperative assists practices in evaluating their practice worth and selling the practice for the best price possible. Still want to work? Ninety percent of our practice sales end in the doctor continuing to work on a schedule of their choice. You receive the proceeds of your sale, plus you continue to see patients. The opportunities for selling your practice are at an all time high. Billions of dollars are pouring into the eye care industry for what will be a major contraction and consolidation. Take advantage. Call us to discuss your opportunity.
  • Consolidation. The day of the solo practitioner has come to an end, except that 55% of practices remain solo practitioners and 85% of practices are still single location. Let’s stop working by ourselves and start playing team ball. Our consolidation program unites ophthalmology and optometry – a winning combination every time. We merge individual practices in a region into a wholly-owned, doctor-owned regional eye care provider. The opportunity is almost overwhelming.  Let’s discuss this for your market.  Independence is seriously overrated.
  • Out-of-Network. We are not afraid to say aloud that the vision plans have done little except decrease the payments to practices and restrict your ability to practice full scope. They are dictating the frames allowed, the lenses used and the lab that provides the product. You are left holding a relatively empty bag. We are helping practices to become successful out-of-network providers. Many already have. Let us share with you our methodology.  It is safe.  It is deliberate.  We move you out of one plan at a time. Little to no loss of your patient base. An increase in new patients and up to a 40% increase in revenue per patient. Work smarter.
  • Innovation Center. How many doctors have great product and service ideas but nowhere to turn to develop the idea, commercialize it, set pricing and build a professional business plan. We seek to attract members who are innovative and seek to grow by partnering with us to develop new products and services that solve industry problems and support the provision of the highest quality care.

Join us as we put eye care on a new path to success. Our focus is solely on helping our practices provide the best patient care available and in doing so, you will win your market.  Our industry is changing rapidly and times of change are also times of great opportunity.