Contact Lens Initiative

Focusing on those activities that impact your practice most, The Growth Cooperative is moving a category that has been stagnant for 10 years. Competition is driving this category, especially from online vendors but we believe that contact lens sales are based on ‘trust’ and ‘convenience’ and our members do that best.

Vendor Partners – Menicon Miru contact lenses are an exciting addition to our contact lens initiative and fit perfectly at the intersection of quality and value. Like all of our product selections, we make sure our members actually wear of Menicon lenses and the feedback has been very positive. Get a pair for you and your staff before ordering your trial sets. Take advantage of our marketing, great discounts and a consumer rebate program that will have you selling more annual supplies than ever before. – Another tenet of The Growth Cooperative is patient education and LensQuote provides contact lens education to your patients so they can make the best decisions for thier budget.  LensQuote provides everything you need to quickly and accurately educate on contact lens choices by bringing in all industry rebates, coupons and discounts on a single customized patient report. Check out the video. LensQuote software is part of our membership benefits and there is no additional costs. – The leader in contact lens wear, we recommend JnJ Visioncare and the Acuvue line of contacts for the patients our practices serve. Acuvue is the most recognizable contact lens brand. We have marketing and advertising programs to support your contact lens effort.