The Growth Cooperative hosts dinner meetings across the US to introduce and discuss

Market Consolidation

Building a Practice Saleable Platform

Practice Acquisition

We are here to educate first and foremost and can provide each attendee with high level tenets and ideas for the sinner topic. As a follow up after dinner, we speak with each interested practice owner about the details on your unique practice situation and goals. This is done confidentially and privately.

Our group dinner meetings afford everyone the opportunity to learn from each others questions.  We are the only consultancy helping practices come together in a specific market to form a ‘salable platform’ – independent practices selling simultaneously to a single buyer to form greater value for the buyer and for themselves.  It is not easy, but the benefits of doing so create a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.

For Practice Sales:  Let us educate you on the extraordinary opportunity in practice sale, ongoing employment and if you own your building, having a new stable tenant for years to come. We work with numerous equity firms and match your practice and your market with the best firm available.  We work to get you the highest price available and ongoing employment on your terms. Our fees are success-based (no success…no fees) and are the lowest in the industry.

For Consolidation: For owners who understand strength in numbers and wish to keep practicing, this dinner allows ODs to listen and understand the concept before raising their hands in interest.

For Acquisition: This is usually a smaller dinner, but like other meetings, we are there to discuss how practice owners can grow by acquiring other practices that may not be appropriate for a PE firm to acquire. The market is full of them  and this creates a win-win for both the buyer who is looking to grow and the seller who now has an exit strategy for themselves.  The Growth Cooperative is the grease that makes all of that happen smoothly.

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