Flourishing: On Becoming an Out-of-Network Vision Care Provider

The ebook is here and we are delighted with both how it turned out and the reception we are getting.  This is NOT a manifesto against vision plans.  Quite the contrary.  Instead, we are asking optometrists to examine their specific relationship with vision plans.  If it is healthy, beneficial to you and your patients, keep going.  Let’s make it even better.  If you find that your vision plan reimbursement is causing you to work harder for less, may recommendations that are not in keeping with your best practices or interfering in your clinical judgement, then it’s time for a plan B.

Download the ebook.  52 pages of ideas and tactics to improve your relationship with the vision plans in your community.

Contact us to use our calculators.  Now available for the largest vision plan as well as EyeMed, Spectera and Davis which are coming soon. Take specific patients you have treated on that plan and enter the data in our calculator.  You may be surprised by what you find.

Call us and set up a time to discuss this topic.  This is a challenging concept with lots of moving parts.  A discussion is almost mandatory to understand and work through the concepts. It’s free.  You’ll learn a little and you’ll be better equipped to do some additional research on your own.

We’ve also just published our first case study to better illustrate how operating practices are putting these concepts to use and thriving.

Look for our upcoming Part II on “Opting Out” now available under your vision plan contract in 13 States. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia) and a webinar on the same topic to be scheduled.