The Growth Cooperative

Michael Pote has been a change agent within healthcare for over 25 years. Having held senior positions with the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), HealthStream (HSTM), Initia, APOS Therapy, USAI and EyeCarePro, he thrives on accomplishing those ‘more difficult’ challenges. In 2013, he founded the Energeyes Association for Corporate Affiliated Optometrists. He is a special education teacher by training and spends his free time in his hillside garden or on a bicycle with his four-year-old son. He is the proud father of three men.

Shelia Chappell is one of the top behavior-change trainers in the country and is masterful in her ability to move doctors and staff through very challenging and needed process changes in the office. Don’t be fooled by that sugary southern drawl, Shelia means business and will bring success to your group… or else. Shelia has been in the healthcare industry (living in Nashville which is the healthcare mecca of USA) for 25 years.  Education and training is her passion and she has found her passion in working behind the scenes with doctors and their staff to set, measure and achieve goals.  Her nieces and nephew keep her busy. She enjoys cooking, reading and SEC football (her blood runs orange) and of course, the Tennessee Titans.