New Graduate. New Practice.

Coming out of optometry school can be daunting if you are seeking to open your own practice. While we recommend that all new graduates work within an established practice for a few years to learn the business, once you are ready to start your own practice, contact The Growth Cooperative.

We provide de novo (brand new) sites the ‘leg up’ that you need to get the best start in the shortest period of time. Time is of the essence and money is in short supply. Your decisions need to be fast and right on to be successful. We can help.

To assist new optometrists, The Growth Cooperative waives membership dues. We’ll get you started in a lab, and with contact lens and frame vendors. We’ll help hire and train staff. We’ll set up your website and prime the pump for patients to be on your schedule day 1. We are your ‘go-to person’ so you don’t really have to be ‘on your own’. Unlimited consulting on all aspects of practice. And it’s free!

We require no commitments, and like all of our membership categories, you stay with us for as long as it is working for you.

Complete this form to speak with a representative. There is no obligation.