You know the story about the frog who is placed in a pot of warm water. Slowly, slowly the flame underneath the pot is increase and the water is heated. The frog accommodates the change in temperature again and again and again. Until the frog is cooked. The frog never knew what hit him. Unfortunately, like the frog, we have also accommodated to the slow and steady increase in control of our practices and decrease in our revenues orchestrated by the vision plans. We are now treating greater volumes of patients for lower reimbursement, and our patients are not too happy about the experience either.


Now is the time to take a stand. We have a logical, step-by-step methodology to help you through your biggest challenges and your greatest concerns about how best to manage the vision plans.  We start with your least impactful plan and gradually move towards plans with a greater and greater number of patients under your care. Our program allows us to specifically address our activities to your practice.  There is no one-size-fits-all.


Talk to us about starting you move to be an out-of-network provider.


Vendor Partners – Helping practices get paid and patients get the care they need without the burden of insurance company’s rules. That’s Patch and it is part of our member benefits for 12 months when you sign up for our out-of-network program.  Read more…




Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash