Rather than a boilerplate set of benefits, we’ll shape a program of activities based on your specific needs. Whether it is frame board management, a focus on EBITDA (bottom-line growth), new patient acquisition, moving out-of-network with the vision plans, hiring new staff or associates, or a host of other challenging issues for the practitioner, we can help. We accomplish this through:

  • Active weekly meetings that keep the focus and accountability of all involved,
  • Negotiated products and services contracted by The Growth Cooperative,
  • New program and service development ,
  • Success measurement that allows you to know what is working and what is not,
  • Actively market and educate your communities about your services.
Let’s face it, the benefits of being part of a team are not well captured in a grid of activities. The Growth Cooperative provides the benefits you specifically need for your practice – whether it is finding a new office manager, a new Associate, remaking your frame collection, improving patient flow or selling your practice. These are personal needs requiring a personalized benefit offering. We’d welcome the opportunity to propose that for your practice.
Everyone benefits from a partner and our partnership is designed to meet you where you need it most.