Optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians working with The Growth Cooperative are known as ‘Participants’. Members are passive. Members join but that is often the end of their activity. The Growth Cooperative seeks Partners who:

  • Actively participate in weekly meetings,
  • Purchase the products and services contracted by The Growth Cooperative,
  • Accept new program and service development for their office,
  • Participate in measurement that allows us to understand what is working and what is not,
  • Contribute as part of the local networks we establish,
  • Actively market and educate their communities about their services.


Partnership Practice Sale Consolidation
Fees $169/month Representative Agreement Fees Management Services Agreement
LensQuote Provided at no cost Provided at no cost
Marketing Services Website & marketing services provided at no cost Provided with MSO Agreement
Frame Board Complete dispensary management Provided with MSO Agreement
Greenhouse Call Center Discounted services Provided with MSO Agreement
Consulting Unlimited Phone Consults/ Initial Practice Visit(1) Unlimited Phone Consultation Daily
Program/Service Development Included Provided with MSO Agreement
PATCH Software Discounted with free consultation and training Provided free of charge
Billing & Coding Services Discounted services Discounted services

Optical Lab

Use of one of our certified optical labs (guaranteed savings) Use of one of our certified optical labs
Contact Lens Best pricing on Miru Contact Lenses Best pricing on Miru Contact Lenses
Design Services Discounted services Included
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Participate Participate Participate

1. Practice is responsible for travel costs

Going Out-of-Network New Graduate Purchasing
Fees $3000 for 12 months Free Free
LensQuote Provided at no cost for 1 year First Year Free
Marketing Services Website provided at no cost Free
Frame Board Review for out-of-network service Free consulting
Greenhouse Call Center Included
Consulting Weekly phone consults included  Unlimited
Program/ Service Development Included
PATCH Software Included at no cost
Billing & Coding Services
Optical Lab Less need for vision plan labs
Contact Lenses
Design Services Free
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Participate Participate Participate