With in-network reimbursements decreasing year-over-year, out-of-network patients bring the most potential revenue to eye care providers. Yet, figuring out an out-of-network patient’s benefits requires a time-consuming phone call. With no ability to view or search for a patient’s reimbursement information, most eyecare providers spend 15-20 hours a week with insurance companies figuring out benefits information for their patients (in- or out-of-network). Submission of a claim reimbursement is still up to the patient — a paper-based process that is tedious and frequently yields rejected claims, leading to unhappy patients. To date, there are no technology solutions built specifically for out-of-network eligibility analysis and digitized claims filing.

Patch is an online insurance assistant that helps healthcare providers and patients understand out-of-network benefits in minutes and submit claims online. No more dealing with insurance companies by phone or submitting claims by paper. Using Patch, healthcare providers can let patients know the exact reimbursement amount they can expect and automatically submit a claim on their behalf. By letting Patch streamline their benefits analysis and claims process, healthcare providers can grow their out-of-network business and revenue with less overhead. Schedule a demo and find out more.