Practice Sale Terms and Conditions

The Growth Cooperative provides a practice sale posting service that allows owners and potential buyers to post their practices for sale and identify opportunities at no charge.

  • Please be as complete and specific as possible.
  • Understand that your posting will be available to the public so do not post any identifying information such as your phone number.
  • Once you complete the form, it will be sent to our staff for review.  Your post will not be added to the site automatically and may take 24 hours before it is visible.
  • All inquiries will be handled by Growth Cooperative team members.
  • While your post is free, we charge 3.5% of the sale price for all completed sales. Once we receive your post, we will send you a representation agreement allowing us to solicit your practice to potential buyers. Your post will not be made live on the site until this representation agreement is signed via Docu-Sign. This is a success fee and is the only fee you will incur and only in the event of a successful sale.
  • Buyers do not pay a fee to the Growth Cooperative at any time.
  • You may remove your listing at any time.
  • Merger/consolidation fees are provided as a proposal on a case by case basis.