In order to bring you the best pricing on the market, our team has applied several unique strategies. One of those strategies is to be the distributor for certain products and thereby controlling the price (mark-up) on the particular items.  Once we started applying this strategy, we discovered a work of products and services we could distribute and in doing so can offer very attractive prices to the market at-large, and even greater discounts for our participating practices.

Sometimes it is just about getting a great deal on a great product. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Because of our business model of concentrating efforts behind specific vendors, The Growth Cooperative will often obtain better or best pricing for certain products. This participation path allows you to take advantage of our buying power.

It is important to note that despite the great pricing offered, full membership status yields even greater pricing discounts. Take advantage of special pricing and support with:
Menicon Miru Contact Lenses
Patch software (out-of-network support)
JnJ Rebate Management
Lab services
Marketing Services

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