Did you see this article?

For all the practices that believe VSP is on the side of independent optometry, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale. VSP, at least for those practices affected in Chicago is about to become your COMPETITOR! You continue to support them (serving as an in-network provider) and believe that without them, perhaps you will have no patients on your schedule.

Sorry.  I am ranting. But seriously, what will it take for optometrists to recognize that VSP is the biggest threat to your practice success in 2019 and 2020?  Let’s try something else.

Check out this article:

Another dissertation on how VSP (and EyeMed) are merely tools to sell more products at a discount…a discount coming out of your pocket.

There is another way. You can move from your in-network indentured servant status with the vision discount plans to an out-of-network provider.  There are proven methods and strategies.  You employ these carefully. Thoughtfully. You allow each step to prove the reason to move to the next step.  Step by step, you regain your independence, your profitability and frankly, the pleasure of being a reasonably compensated optometrist once again.

Call us (415-481-9008). Write us ( Go back. Read the two articles above again. And then read them again. Allow the reality of this threat to sink in. Recognize that it is not the private practice up the street that is the threat.  It is not the local Walmart or Costco.  It is not America’s Best you have to worry about or online retailers like Warby Parker. They are all a cake walk, low level threats when compared with the threat posed to your practice from VSP and EyeMed.