So You Want to Sell Your Practice… with Michael Pote, CEO of The Growth Cooperative

Mr. Adam Cmeila is a phenomenal person and financial consultant. He sponsors and is the host of a podcast series called A Dose of Financial Cents. I would recommend checking it out and finding those topics that are most interesting to you.

If selling your practice is on the agenda for the next two years for you, Adam and I just finished a two part series on the topic. Part I is linked here and you can find Part II next week on the A Dose of Financial Cents next week. It’s an easy listen and Adam asks a lot of great questions from a financial advisor’s point of view. He is interested in how this is the best/right decision for his OD clients. Check out Part I here and get your personal podcast by calling me directly at 415-481-9008 and we can stop discussing theory and start discussing your numbers and what these opportunities mean to you. Better yet, write me at . I’ll send you a mutual non-disclosure which will allow you to confidently send me your 2018 detailed profit and loss statement.  I, in turn, will send you a detailed practice sale estimate.  We can then discuss how the practice sale estimate was arrived at and whether to move to the next step.

There is significant opportunity in the market right now and my recommendation is for you to take full advantage.  We are here to help.