We recognize the many, many entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists and innovators in the eye care industry. Those who are confronted every day with work flow problems, patient issues, documentation concerns and new products ideas, but nowhere to go with them. The Growth Cooperative offers our participants a creative, business outlet for ideas. We provide pricing, packaging, development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and customer service (whew!) – all requirements of that ‘post-idea’ period. Create and distribute your next great idea within The Growth Cooperative.

Helping bring your ideas to fruition.

We’ve created AugmentOD in partnership with EZ EyeCare at The Growth Cooperative Innovation Center. AugmentOD allows OD’s to have a doctor on standby for sickness, planned vacations, heavier schedule (i.e. back-to-school) and any other reason where a competent OD is needed and you’ve already asked all of your friends. Doctors can contract for a day, a week, a month or as needed.

AugmentOD optometrists have a flexible schedule, a company car and are well compensated for the time worked. They get the opportunity to see best practices (and worst practices) in many different practice environments. They are trained to bring new ideas to the practices they serve. This is not an easy job, but for that ‘I-am-looking-for-a flexible-work-environment’ person, this is ideal. There is a strong career path as well to consulting because if you are not just showing up for work, but really understanding the work environment where you have been placed, this is an extraordinary learning opportunity. Working moms? This is an ideal situation to keep your hands in your career, while having the flexibility you need for your family. Did I say ‘flexible’ enough?

We are launching in the greater Boston area where the demand for this service has already outpaced our abilities and we are seeking three optometrists who share our vision for this flexible, fun, every-day-is-something-new position. We have an offering and job description ready for the right individuals and will be expanding to other markets as the need takes us there. Contact us.

Our AugmentOD program is just one practice option available through EZ Eyecare. Led by Dr. Susan O’Shea, this nine location practice now offers doctors the opportunity to practice in three ways:

  1. AugmentOD, as an itinerent doctor
  2. Franchised store, receiving all the support you need to succeed as an independent
  3. As an employed OD and part of the EZ Eyecare team

Dr. Susan O’Shea is leading our industry with practice solutions for today’s practicing optometrists – flexible, supported, in-balance. Find out more about being part of the EZ Eyecare team and practice the way you want to practice.

Millions of phone calls analyzed with a very disheartening result – only 28% of calls to a providers office ends in an appointment. Startling, but true.  The Growth Cooperative set out to create a training program to enhance you reception capabilities and double your appointments through your front desk.  Not confident in your staff’s ability, outsource your phones to us.  We believe that EVERY call is an appointment or a confirmation of an appointment already made. Patients are calling because they want to make an appointment.  Your front end office is the barrier. Let’s make every call count.

Let’s us set up a call center in your community and watch your new patient appointments rise.  Are you a multi-location practice?  Are you part of a network who seeks to share the cost of the service?  In the end, The Greenhouse pays for itslef many times over and captures all interested patients to your practice network.