We are not a buying group so our vendor relationships take place in the context of our efforts to promote and sustain growth in our participating practices. For each of our growth initiatives, we have assembled the best vendors possible who are providing significant savings and the best products available.  No shopping required.

Our Growth Initiatives

You’ll find our vendor relationships inside.



www.dynamiclabs.net – Few companies bring the breadth of product and a surplus of energy to serve practices. Great selection.  Great pricing. And most importantly, great support. Check out their catalog of products and services here. Catalog.

We are promoters of a medical approach to optometry and recognize the growth potential in serving patients. To support our training and new service implementations, we have partnered with Billing and More to provide our participants with low cost, accurate billing, coding and credentialing services. Check out our pricing for Growth Cooperative participants. Billing and Coding Price Fees.


Our Dry Eye training program adds a new dimension with the addition of amniotic discs from Vendaje Optic. High quality manufacturing, smaller order requirements and a discount that makes this a must-have service for your practice.  The Growth Cooperative also has five (5) marketing campaigns to help educate your community of this exciting treatment for ocular surface disorders.

www.identityoptical.com – Lab relationships can be a sensitive issue for most practices.  You come to rely on the service, turn around time and support you receive from your lab vendor. We are pleased to have Identity Optical in our corner for lab services because they bring all of that and a whole lot more. They are an independent lab with the technology that only the largest labs in the country have but are built with the attention to detail and service that you could only expect from a local lab. They have also developed an innovative proprietary lens design that can be customized for each patients unique needs, LifeScape PAL. LifeScape is the best technology and best value in progressive lenses and comes with a special money-back guarantee only through The Growth Cooperative.

www.tearlab.com – The TearLab system is essential for a low cost, accurate diagnostic approach to the treatment of Dry Eye and an important part of our Dry Eye protocol.