Let’s face it. Insurance coverage, reimbursement and all of the activity surrounding your work with patients who have vision insurance is complicated at best. It is complicated for everyone. Today, we seek to shine a little light on this area of your practice, help you diagnose your best path forward, and have the confidence to follow through and watch your practice grow. As always, our sole intent is to help you be the best clinician you can be, and for patients to receive nothing more than what is in their best interest.

The Growth Cooperative wants to help you evaluate your participation in each of your vision plans and decide on one of three paths:

  • Stay in-network – we are not hear to recommend leaving any vision plan if it makes sense to your practice and the patients you serve.
  • Opt-Out – If you are in one of the thirteen (13) States that allow for the opt-out option, we’d like to assist you with this decision and plan of action. To summarize, this option allows you to stay in-network, but use your own frames, lenses and lab choices as prescribes by your license.  If you are in one of the 37 States that do not have this regulation, contact us.  We’d like to help you get it on your State’s legislative agenda.
  • Out-of Network Provider – Under our plan, you continue to serve your patients as an out-of-network provider and your patients access their out-of-network benefits.

To assist you with this effort, we are providing a number of resources and will continue to add to this resource page in the months to come:

Our ebook: Part 1: Flourishing: On Becoming a Successful Out-of-Network Vision Care Provider

Our ebook: Part 2: In-Network. Out-of-Network. Opt-Out: Your Vision Plan Status Can Make All the Difference. (Coming soon)

Vision Plan Calculator 1 – Enter your own data to determine how the your plan pays you and supports your patients compared with being out-of-network.

Vision Plan  Calculator 2 – Enter your own data to determine how other vision plans pay you and supports your patients compared with being out-of-network.

Case Study #1 – Illustrates the use of additional, cash pay services to rely less on insurance-based reimbursement.

Consulting Services – If you are a member of The Growth Cooperative, most consulting and tools to make the changes required are part of your membership and no additional cost.  For those practices that like to take advantage of our consulting but cannot join as members, we offer an options to pay a single flat fee for all the support you need.